Git with the program

So for the last ten years or so I have been doing Windows driver work for a living. As such, we were a Windows shop and we used Team Foundation for source control and that was that.

We had some source code in older SVN repositories, but we were getting away from that code and moving everything to the TFS repositories.

So I have been out of the loop in terms of what people are using nowadays for source control. I had heard of Git a while ago, but like a lot of things to someone working in a Windows shop it sounded like one of the many other ‘fads’ that would come and go.

So when I signed up and got Git I was very pleasantly surprised at how well it just worked right out of the box. I also got a chance to use the git based integration in the Xcode and Momentics toolchains, as well as the Web based interface and the PC based native Git tool and I have to say I really like this tool/service.

I will forego the ‘when I was a young programmer we had to do revision control with punch cards and a manual hole punch and repair tool’ but I will just sum it up by saying that source control has never been easy until now.

Git – I salute you for solving a longstanding and aggravating problem with skill, style and a great sense of humour as well.

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