Reallusion and gaming

So there is a company that I love and that has been part of my main hobby for years now. The company is called Reallusion, and the hobby I’m referring to is making machinima.

Machinima is that art of taking real time footage captured usually from a game engine, and using it to make a movie. I have been doing this for over five years now and have become quite an expert in the tools and techniques involved.

Reallusion has been selling an application called iClone for several years now that allows people to create machinima for a very low budget compared to full CGI programs used by Hollywood studios, but they have been adding more and more sophistication to their application over the years, and it has become very powerful while remaining within reach of the average hobbyist in terms of pricing.

A rich and diverse ecosystem of content creators have formed around this application to produce all manner of 3D assets including props, scenery, avatars and motions and I have in fact amassed a very extensive collection of all of this stuff as well as expert skills using it and creating content for it.

But it has always been a one way street. It has always been very easy to get 3D assets into iClone, but there has never been a way to get them out. Considering that the purpose of the application is to make videos however, this was never really an issue.

A few weeks ago however, they released new versions of their asset import tools and announced that they would be changing their content store and asset pipeline tools to allow purchase of content for use in game engines.

This is a very smart move for them and all of their existing content developers, and for me it is a boon beyond belief. I have been looking for a way to share 3D assets between iClone and game engines so that iClone can be used to make videos that feature the same characters as the game, but a clean solution has never presented itself until now.

So hats off to the folks at Reallusion for their excellent product. It never fails to amaze me how much value they pack into each iteration of iClone.

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