About Us

Brashworks Studios is a partnership between Susan Ball, Pete Patterson, and Keith Jaffray. It was formed because we believe there is a market for a new kind of software – software that helps you relax and connect with your friends without requiring all of your concentration and reflexes.

Brash – uninhibitedly energetic or demonstrative; full of fresh raw vitality; sassy.

The definition of brash above resonates with all of us. We are truly excited about using our collective experience to create fun and positive social experiences.

Serotonin packed entertainment for a connected, chaotic world.

It’s not quite a mission statement, but it captures pretty nicely what we want to focus on. Less twitch – more niche (ok.. ok.. less tweetch, more niche).

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  1. Hi Susan:
    Just got a msg from linkedin and saw you are doing well, good to see that. Your new adventures look interesting. Cheers, Dan

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