Do you know your market?

Not one to rush madly off in all directions, I relish good marketing analysis. So last week, I found and promptly devoured four of their reports while tweeting the highlights to Pete. Vision Mobile is a market analysis and strategy firm. They are currently offering some free reports:  “Developer Economics 2012”, “Cross-Platform Developer Tools 2012”, “Mobile Megatrends”, and “Clash of Ecosystems”. This is one of those rare times when I whole heartedly recommend you read a report, and I mean all of them. They’re chock full of good stuff.

Now some of it is common sense to anyone that follows mobile phone developments, but if you work on only one platform you are probably not getting exposed to enough. Also, in “Developer Economics 2012”, they surveyed 1,500+ developers from around the world, asking questions about their intentions with the various platforms and tools. Which ones will they pick up? Which ones will they drop? If you didn’t realize it, the mobile companies are spending millions in their battle over developers. Winning the developers means getting more apps and attracting more customers. You might also be interested in knowing which platforms are the most profitable for developers. I suspect I’ll be quoting these for awhile.